Kilvaree Croft Pottery

Living on the West coast of Scotland, I not only take my inspiration from the spectacular and captivating landscape that surrounds me every day, but also from the archaeology of Argyll.
I am spoilt for choice with the wealth of local archaeological sites and I find that the Neolithic , Bronze & Iron Age sites are not only a continuing fascination to me but are also a major influence on my present work.
I reproduce Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age pottery for sale in museum shops, for display in Museums, and I also take private commissions. Using stoneware and earthenware clays, these pots are hand coiled and decorated as it may have been done thousands of years ago.
It is by using this same method that I have produced the ‘Kilvaree’ collection, a collection of contemporary ceramic pieces, engraving the Celtic designs by hand.
I used to produce my work on the ‘wheel’ and use different glazes to give colour and pattern to the pottery; but now without the use of glaze, I solely rely on the natural beauty of the clay to flourish throughout the entire pot making and wood firing process.

Pottery is also available to buy from Kilmartin Museum.


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