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If you journey along the West Coast of Scotland, from Iona to Skye, down through Glen Coe, along the shores of Loch Awe, and into the ancient landscape of Kilmartin Glen where standing stones have stood proud for thousands of years; perhaps like me you will find that all of these places and many others are areas of outstanding natural beauty and wonderment that change spectacularly with each passing season, year after year.

In composing the music for this album, my aim was to capture the spirit and essence of these landscapes and that which surrounds the Croft into an album of story filled instrumental music; the purity of the Highland landscape within the light tones of the piano, the melodies and stories within the woodwind and the magnificence and grace of the mountains within the string work.

In all it took me 12 months to create the music starting in 2006 and was finally completed in 2007, the album is titled ‘Inner Isles’.

Click here to hear a sample called 'Iona' from the album.

Latest Track addition

Track 2 'Sheep Fair'  https://youtu.be/yEbRK_FXaVg






Inner Isles
Inner Isles
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